Mass EDMC is an online electronic dance music community that posts information and tickets for events; blog posts about festivals, artists, and new music; and concert photos. It features image slideshows, an infinite scroll format, social media links, and blog posts on the main page, with menu items to also view events, photos, music, contests, merchandise, contact information, and information about the company. The site uses HTML 5, has five CSS stylesheets, is based on a WordPress layout and uses WordPress plugins as well as Javascript and Google Analytics, but it does not have a responsive design.

Stuck In Customs

For this website the HTML version is HTML 5. The website uses a lot of Javascript, WordPress and CSS, and is hosted by SmugMug. The first style sheet is font-face. The target audience for this website is photographers, and the purpose of this website is to get the owners photography known and shared and also help teach people more about photography and how he takes his photos. Trey Ratcliff is the one behind the website and he takes amazing photographs! I think he has invested a great deal in this website because this website is a profit for him. He gives advice and shares stuff on his website but he is also getting his photos known and I am sure sold. For me going to his page is immediately visually appealing because it starts right off with a slideshow of his beautiful photographs. From there you can scroll down or click on other topics. The color scheme is pretty simple with white background and red and gray coloring. I think it’s good how simple this is because his photos are so beautiful so it’s good it is not too overwhelming and there is enough whitespace and padding. There is a place where it says “view portfolio” and once I clicked there I was immediately drawn in. His photos are amazing and I just kept scrolling down looking at more. I love photography and so I really liked this website and liked that he wasn’t just sharing photos but also giving tips on how to take photos like he does and the cameras he recommends.

Mental Floss: Fun Random Facts and News

Mental Floss is a website devoted to interesting, if very random facts. One such fact: Marie Curie’s notebooks are still radioactive. Cool stuff. I chose this website more for its content then its interesting design because that is still a very valid reason to make a website. Its also commonplace. There are many news websites out there, they are the reason newspapers are going out of business. So, while Mental Floss doesn’t have a responsive design it does do a good job giving you the news. The site uses HTML 5 and a lot of Javascript. jquery is common and the site uses some code from open source libraries. There are links everywhere: to other websites and to different parts on the Mental Floss website. While the site is not responsive, it does have a mobile version that is more like a news feed than a site.

Smug Mug

This website allows photographers to share their photos online and provides custom page designs and safety assurance for the photographers photos. I liked this website because it is a place other than instagram or flickr where photographers can do more than just promote their work. It allows the artist to connect with other photographers, make a profit with their work and even create gifts with their photos. The set up of this website is very modern and would work with several different screens because of it’s scrolling style. I liked the initiative of the “try it now” button both on the top and the bottom of the page to encourage people to use the site. Of coarse, the photos displayed are both intriguing and inspiring for the customer at hand. The code contains several <div> tags for all of the photos displayed. I researched that the <selection> code deals with the clients signed up on the page and that most of the code was indented and organized. One problem with this web page was their was no way to access other photographers pages easily which would help to sell to a new client if they could see what other photographers were doing with SmugMug.

Life Fitness| How Sochi Athletes Train

My web site uses HTML 5. There are many different style sheets. It is a simple scroll down moving webpage. As you scroll sown pictures on the page move as if they were a moving graphic. Life Fitness supplied workout space and equipment to athletes during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. This page is a great example of  marketing their product and various Olympic sports.

Check them out at


PI’s epic journey!/

The cool website that I am using uses HTML 5. it uses java script and the div tag a lot. the style sheet looks like this, rel=”stylesheet” href=”styles/css/main.css“. This website was created to advertise the move Life Of Pie. so the audience would be movie watchers and anyone interested in seeing the movie. the website shows all that the company had to do to make the movie. some things that I really liked about this web page was that they went all out on the webpage. it is a really long webpage that keeps you interested all the way to the end. they use a lot of special effects that are really eye catching. what I feel they wanted to do and did is get excitement for this movie and make a remember able webpage. they used a lot of skills that we have not learned in the class that i would love to be able to learn and use effectively.

Juliana Bicycles | The Original Women’s Mountian Bike

The HTML version that is used in my cool website is HTML 5 or . Also in my page source there is two CSS style sheets. The style sheets use the minimum style where the coding is only shown in one long line. In the original coding there is extensive uses of div, headers, and section tags. One tag that I found was very uncommon was the span tag, which was used for logos. There was the use of JavaScript but only in two uses. The main style sheet was created using modernizr which is a known website provider. The purpose of this website was to tell a story about a women named Juliana Furtado and how she created a line of bicycles just for women. The target market for the website and the bikes are for wealthy women, 30 and older, that want to go on a journey. Juliana put time and money into this website to inspire other women and to have those women purchase her bike. I think that she is trying to achieve inspiration and motivation for all ages of women to feel young and active. I think that the visual design of this website was made to tell a story. The website starts with an oping video of Juliana’s mission. Then it makes downward to her bikes, then to who she is, third to the people that travel with Juliana, and four to the store. At the bottom of the page are symbols of Powerful, Beautiful, and Natural which summarize what Juliana and her bikes are all about. I think that the website that was created supports and drives Juliana’s mission. The website is also liquid which means that if forms to small or larger web windows.

Exploring Moon Bears

The website that I have chosen to present on is This website, titled Exploring Moon Bears is an outcrop of the Animals Asia Foundation, which seeks to end cruelty to animals in Asia. The website that I chose is highly interactive and informative, which thoroughly discusses the conditions that moon bears are facing in China, primarily from the expanding rates of deforestation, along with the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. The website operates on html5; however, this website was funded through the new technologies of Microsoft, particularly Internet explorer. It seems as though IE is trying to reinvent itself and show how it has become compatible with html5, and even adds further features. The website illustrates great uses of interaction, flows, and multi uses of mediums: video, photos, and music. Exploring Moon Bears was a joint effort on part of IE and AAF (Animals Asia Foundation) to cross-market and promote one another. Viewing the source code: the css style sheet was quite confusing at first, since it was expanded to a version that was more appropriately suitable for speed; however, JT explained that in order to better view the css script, we needed to use a tool; such as, which allows to minify (the process of removing all unnecessary characters from a source code without changing its functionality. The design of this website was marketable for IE purposes, but it was also interactive and informative for reasons put forth by AAF. Cross promotion worked on both ends.

Here is where people can be interactive and learn about Moon Bears. This is Jasper’s moment | Keeping Tech Natural Made

Coolest Website

Grovemade is a design team that handcrafts iPhone and iPad cases made with wood materials such as bamboo, maple, and walnut. When first entering the website, the viewer first sees the brand’s logo, which resembles an old-fashion stamp you might see on a shipping box crate filled with artisan cheese. As soon as the site loads, a carousel of images fill up the majority of the browser depicting some of the products Grovemade has designed. Each scrolling image has a link that corresponds to that product and is easy to find and purchase.

The reason is such a cool website is because it is simplistic, beautiful, interactive, and logical design. Most of the information is provided on one page and utilizes the “scrolling link” technique for its tabs (about, featured, story, team, workshop, and connect). Once a tab has been selected a “transparent fixed bar (or banner)” appears at the top of the browser. The banner includes all the info tab options, as well as a “scroll to the top” link, making this site very easy to navigate.

My favorite feature is located in the “team” section, in which there are a series of profile pictures with no words. Once you click on a photo, a box appears, giving a brief bio of that team member. In addition, there are arrows in which to go forwards or backwards in the “team carousel.” What I think is very cool is that once you have reached the end of the line, the line of photos moves up and the “bio box” moves down (kind of like a typewriter). From visiting the site numerous times, I have also discovered that the team photos are shuffled and never in the same order.

This site is written in HTML 5 and provides extra support for older browsers. The creators have utilized javascript and rocketscript. There are at least three different types of stylesheets to accommodate some of the more technical pages (support, corporate, shop). Most of the code contains “div” tags, images, and pop-ups. The only criticism I have for the developer of is that the code is not laid out in the most readable way (almost every line is located at the far left of the code, with no indent). However this site seems like it would be an easy design to create for almost any business and is worth understanding. If I had a product to sell online, this is the design I would want to use.

designers info: