Gather and Save: The way to save green
Gather and Save is a website designed to connect people looking for a ride to a specific destination. Its targeted towards mainly business people and college students. But, it is also available to the general public. Overall it is a place for people to connect in order to save money by carpooling.

5 thoughts on “Gather and Save: The way to save green”

  1. Gabby,
    Great choice with your Dad’s website. You knew what they were working on and how they were improving parts of the site. It was interesting to have an insiders look at a website along with the code. The site has great potential as we all move toward a greener way of living and as it progresses I have a feeling it will be very popular. Great job!

  2. Gabby,
    Thanks for the share! I think it’s really cool that this is your Dad’s website and not just some random one you found. It’s good because you have some nice background information going into this website.

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