Stuck In Customs

For this website the HTML version is HTML 5. The website uses a lot of Javascript, WordPress and CSS, and is hosted by SmugMug. The first style sheet is font-face. The target audience for this website is photographers, and the purpose of this website is to get the owners photography known and shared and also help teach people more about photography and how he takes his photos. Trey Ratcliff is the one behind the website and he takes amazing photographs! I think he has invested a great deal in this website because this website is a profit for him. He gives advice and shares stuff on his website but he is also getting his photos known and I am sure sold. For me going to his page is immediately visually appealing because it starts right off with a slideshow of his beautiful photographs. From there you can scroll down or click on other topics. The color scheme is pretty simple with white background and red and gray coloring. I think it’s good how simple this is because his photos are so beautiful so it’s good it is not too overwhelming and there is enough whitespace and padding. There is a place where it says “view portfolio” and once I clicked there I was immediately drawn in. His photos are amazing and I just kept scrolling down looking at more. I love photography and so I really liked this website and liked that he wasn’t just sharing photos but also giving tips on how to take photos like he does and the cameras he recommends.

5 thoughts on “Stuck In Customs”

  1. Kyra,
    Amazing visual website. I love all the colorful photographs and how quickly he updates the photos to the seasons. I visited the site before posting this comment and he already has incredible easter photos posted! Great video and photographic visuals, the colors are great too, really catching the eye.

    1. Thanks Martha!
      I agree, he updates very quickly so his website is very up-to-date. He has amazing photos so his website is very eye catching!

    1. Adrain, I agree! I love the different colors and how he takes photos from all around the world, very cool to see different culture through photos.

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