Life Fitness| How Sochi Athletes Train

My web site uses HTML 5. There are many different style sheets. It is a simple scroll down moving webpage. As you scroll sown pictures on the page move as if they were a moving graphic. Life Fitness supplied workout space and equipment to athletes during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. This page is a great example of  marketing their product and various Olympic sports.

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4 thoughts on “Life Fitness| How Sochi Athletes Train”

  1. Ethan,
    Very cool website to show who was behind the athletes during the olympic games. Since the Olympics are so popular I think this site is great for people who want to know more about what the athletes do in Sochi and how the games functioned. This page had a unique and clean design layout that worked smoothly with the information and the pictures.

  2. Good website with the pictures of the athletes and the Olympics games. I think that this website is important for the winter Olympics games.

  3. Ethan,
    Thank you for sharing this website! It was really cool. I really liked the layout and movement in the website. It was really cool to know some behind the scenes stuff of the Sochi olympians. So many people are big fans of the olympic games, so I’m sure this website gets a lot of views.

  4. I thought that this was a really coll website. It would be great if they did more additions to it for different parts of the world where they have been. Awesome website!

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