Cool Website- Mischief Brew

The “cool website” I chose to inspect was Mischief Brew is a touring band I enjoy listening too and lucky they recently update their website and completely redid it top to bottom. One cool feature of the website is its animated tabs used to navigate the website. The tabs look like signs and they swing back and forth when you hover over them. The site also has an automatic slide show right on the home page. This feature seems to be becoming more and more popular in the web design world. On the right of the home page is a live Facebook feed which I believe is a great touch due to so many people navigating the internet through Facebook itself. They have links to their Facebook page, Twitter and Myspace which has become almost a necessity for any website today. The main page has a feed of its own that shows updates and recent news about the band. The background of the website, looking like an old worn out cabin wall, hold the feel for the website together. The website is success in being “cool” because it has such a unique feel and theme.

My really awesome website:

The link to my website:

I chose this particular site because I am not only a huge Rondo fan but I also love the design of the page. The block level elements used in this website greatly organized the structure of the page and went very well with the background. For those who do not know the background of the website is part of a jersey and part of the court the Celtics play on. Then CSS positioning of this website is also very interesting and as I stated before the locations of the text in the webpage definitely compliment the background. Hope you all like my page :)