Exploring Moon Bears

The website that I have chosen to present on is moonbear.animalasia.org. This website, titled Exploring Moon Bears is an outcrop of the Animals Asia Foundation, which seeks to end cruelty to animals in Asia. The website that I chose is highly interactive and informative, which thoroughly discusses the conditions that moon bears are facing in China, primarily from the expanding rates of deforestation, along with the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. The website operates on html5; however, this website was funded through the new technologies of Microsoft, particularly Internet explorer. It seems as though IE is trying to reinvent itself and show how it has become compatible with html5, and even adds further features. The website illustrates great uses of interaction, flows, and multi uses of mediums: video, photos, and music. Exploring Moon Bears was a joint effort on part of IE and AAF (Animals Asia Foundation) to cross-market and promote one another. Viewing the source code: the css style sheet was quite confusing at first, since it was expanded to a version that was more appropriately suitable for speed; however, JT explained that in order to better view the css script, we needed to use a tool; such as dirtymarkup.com, which allows to minify (the process of removing all unnecessary characters from a source code without changing its functionality. The design of this website was marketable for IE purposes, but it was also interactive and informative for reasons put forth by AAF. Cross promotion worked on both ends.

Here is where people can be interactive and learn about Moon Bears. This is Jasper’s moment

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  1. Love the meaning behind this website and the layout. Being an animal lover anything to help an animal is something I like to see! Very cool design, thank you for sharing!

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