Juliana Bicycles | The Original Women’s Mountian Bike

The HTML version that is used in my cool website is HTML 5 or . Also in my page source there is two CSS style sheets. The style sheets use the minimum style where the coding is only shown in one long line. In the original coding there is extensive uses of div, headers, and section tags. One tag that I found was very uncommon was the span tag, which was used for logos. There was the use of JavaScript but only in two uses. The main style sheet was created using modernizr which is a known website provider. The purpose of this website was to tell a story about a women named Juliana Furtado and how she created a line of bicycles just for women. The target market for the website and the bikes are for wealthy women, 30 and older, that want to go on a journey. Juliana put time and money into this website to inspire other women and to have those women purchase her bike. I think that she is trying to achieve inspiration and motivation for all ages of women to feel young and active. I think that the visual design of this website was made to tell a story. The website starts with an oping video of Juliana’s mission. Then it makes downward to her bikes, then to who she is, third to the people that travel with Juliana, and four to the store. At the bottom of the page are symbols of Powerful, Beautiful, and Natural which summarize what Juliana and her bikes are all about. I think that the website that was created supports and drives Juliana’s mission. The website is also liquid which means that if forms to small or larger web windows.