Smug Mug

This website allows photographers to share their photos online and provides custom page designs and safety assurance for the photographers photos. I liked this website because it is a place other than instagram or flickr where photographers can do more than just promote their work. It allows the artist to connect with other photographers, make a profit with their work and even create gifts with their photos. The set up of this website is very modern and would work with several different screens because of it’s scrolling style. I liked the initiative of the “try it now” button both on the top and the bottom of the page to encourage people to use the site. Of coarse, the photos displayed are both intriguing and inspiring for the customer at hand. The code contains several <div> tags for all of the photos displayed. I researched that the <selection> code deals with the clients signed up on the page and that most of the code was indented and organized. One problem with this web page was their was no way to access other photographers pages easily which would help to sell to a new client if they could see what other photographers were doing with SmugMug.

3 thoughts on “Smug Mug”

  1. I think this was a great website and t really fit you. I would recommend that you put in a working link by adding the link using the url. Overall great job! :)

  2. Martha,
    Cool website and idea, I know you like photography so this was a good website for you to talk about! I like photography too so thank you for the share! The website that I shared used Smug Mug so I was glad I had some background information on it from your presentation!

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