Abduzeedo┬áis a website all about design. It has tutorials, case studies, and inspiration for graphic designers, web designers and illustrators. Users can also submit their works to the website to be selected and posted on the website as Daily Inspiration. The site uses minimalist style in its design with white background and little text. The logo of the site is also very simple, not some fancy typography. It is placed at the top of the site but it doesn’t look dominant. While all other details look minimal, the graphic is the main focus of the site and is displayed very beautifully. The navigation of Abduzeedo is very interesting. The tabs are all put on top of the site. When users scroll, they anchor on top, which makes it easier for user to find what they want even when they are scrolling down to the bottom of the site.

The site uses HTML 5.

6 thoughts on “Abduzeedo”

  1. Abduzeedo is a great website for learning something new. The visual appearance of the website is has almost a post modern feel that encourages viewers to learn more. I will definitely be using this website to learn some new tricks in adobe creative suite.

  2. I enjoy the toolbar which has access to several different quick-links allowing users to navigate the website. The random, annoying placement of advertisements is a little upsetting and interferes with the sites overall smoothness. There are some very useful tutorials and interesting images that make it an overall powerful website.

  3. Very simple design. I like the fixed navigation bar on the top. As Miles pointed out though, the advertisements were distracting. Nice images with a modern/post-modern feel.

  4. Its a simple modern-post modern design that’s very easy to navigate. It uses Javascript and it was cool to see how they insert advertisements into websites. Obviously they still suck thought. It seems like a good site to show off and get ideas about website designs.

  5. I really enjoy this site and how it introduces the different works. By presenting everything on a white background no attention is taken away from the main aspects of this site. I really liked one of the areas that teaches you hoe to create Iron Man on Photoshop!

  6. I like that the website CSS have the top of the background positioned “fixed”. The overall positioning is simple and organized, which make it easier for users to access information which is the main purpose of tutorial website.

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