REI 1440 project

REI is a company that sells outdoor recreation gear. They recently created a project known as the REI 1440 project which showcases users photos based on the time and location taken.

This is a stream of user based images that are displayed based on the time that they are uploaded. Using the navigation keys, viewers can scroll between each minute viewing photographs taken around the world of explorations and adventures.

Uploading photos to the website is quick and easy with a camera link at the bottom right hand corner of the page. Users can also select a specific date and time in order to view more images pertaining to their interests.

In order to narrow points of interest for users, the website also includes the ability to sort images by location and activity they wish to view.

A unique function also allows users to search photos based on hash tags they choose to assign to the image.

4 thoughts on “REI 1440 project”

  1. This is one of my favorite websites that has been shown in class. REI 1440 Project invites users to upload photos and then categorizes them based on the minute they are taken. The result is an inspiring log of photos from all around work at your fingertips. With hundreds of new photos being added every minute of the day, you can literally sit in front of your computer for hours without seeing the something twice. It is one of the best ideas for a website ever in my book.

  2. This website uses a post-modern style of design as it is more complicated that the simple style of modernism. It’s nice clean boxes make it visually appealing, as well as its use of photographs. It is particularly user friendly as users are actually able to alter and update the content with their own photographs. It uses Web 2.0 and is mobile aware, making it usable in mobile devices.

  3. This is a well executed example of interactive boxes. The modern/post-modern design seems to be a popular design with many blogs, websites, and other personal sites. I like how you can use your arrow keys to scroll through all the pictures and times and would love to see how it works on a tablet device. The pictures are also good quality which would be expected from a company like REI.

  4. This was one of my favorite sites. I really love how there are simply so many stunning photos that people take on a minute by minute basis. The interactive and yet simple design of this website really presents the information in a beautiful set up.

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