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The “cool website” I chose to inspect was Mischief Brew is a touring band I enjoy listening too and lucky they recently update their website and completely redid it top to bottom. One cool feature of the website is its animated tabs used to navigate the website. The tabs look like signs and they swing back and forth when you hover over them. The site also has an automatic slide show right on the home page. This feature seems to be becoming more and more popular in the web design world. On the right of the home page is a live Facebook feed which I believe is a great touch due to so many people navigating the internet through Facebook itself. They have links to their Facebook page, Twitter and Myspace which has become almost a necessity for any website today. The main page has a feed of its own that shows updates and recent news about the band. The background of the website, looking like an old worn out cabin wall, hold the feel for the website together. The website is success in being “cool” because it has such a unique feel and theme.

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Russell Stone

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  1. The animated tabs are particularly interesting in this website design. The slideshow feature is becoming increasingly popular in new websites and this one successfully uses this feature. I also like the old stamp-style media links. This site utilizes HTML5 which is the most current technology for website design. It seems to showcase the relevant information so that the viewer can easily access any of the information about the band that they want as well as view upcoming shows.

  2. I like the personalization of this website. For example I like the swinging signs as the directory bar, this is something I had thought of doing for my own menu. I also like how the Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace “stamps” are rustic and follow the theme of the page. This webpage uses HTML 5 because in the code it is only or HTML 5, because it’s everything HTML should have been.

  3. The layout and design of the site is very welcome, it’s not like a flashy site that’s in your face. It seems everything you put your mouse over responds in some way; title changes colors, tabs move, slideshow arrows. It’s quite interactive. The layout is consistent throughout the site. It seems as it is still a work in progress with things like the press page having nothing, but it looks good.

  4. I feel like the designing style is very “vintage” which suit the band’s biography perfectly. The navigation is very visible and oriented which also fit the purpose of this website. The information is easy to access for standard users which is the target of this type of website. The menu is very iterative. I agree with Sean that it feels like the designers are still in the process of filling the website information.
    Overall it has a nice looking and efficient design.

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