My really awesome website:

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I chose this particular site because I am not only a huge Rondo fan but I also love the design of the page. The block level elements used in this website greatly organized the structure of the page and went very well with the background. For those who do not know the background of the website is part of a jersey and part of the court the Celtics play on. Then CSS positioning of this website is also very interesting and as I stated before the locations of the text in the webpage definitely compliment the background. Hope you all like my page :)

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  1. The elements of this page with the circles and squares throughout work nicely on this site. The color scheme is balanced and clear to read and the curve in the background draws the eye to the center of the page. The slideshow element near the top provides click-able links to other parts of the site. This website is coded in XHTML using a WordPress content management system and search engine optimization. This is a very nicely designed site.

  2. This website uses XHTML coding as Olivia said. It utilizes javascript and is “optimized” using WordPress. I really enjoy this website and I think it primarily has to do with the graceful composition of using circles and squares together. I think when designing with these two shapes (circles and squares) it can be awkward; much like the idiom of “putting a square peg in a round whole”. Using these two shapes together are appropriate, especially for the Celtics, because of their parquet “quilt-like” court and the image of a round basketball are so often found together in the spirit of the game. I also enjoy the layout, how his stats are displayed on the homepage, and the scrolling slide show.

  3. What I liked most about this site is the fact that even though I’m not really into sports, I was able to learn a lot about this athlete. The design of the site enhanced the information being produced and made it an pleasing experience.

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