Digital Metaphor of the effect that Alzeihemer’s Disease has on the brain

I have chosen this very amazing website because it is serving a good cause. it has been designed very well and is very engaging. It has a very community, home-like, dreamy feel to it. The website is helping to spread awareness about the seriousness of Alzheimer’s and get people involved with this digital metaphor but it does so in such a light way. The site is very emotional but uplifting at the same time.

Website Name

The company is in the presence of the percentage of people who are feel strongly about Alzheimer and people with Alzheimer.

The objective of this website is to allow everyone to share their memories while they still can.
The website’s strategy statement would probably be:

Allow people to feel at home and want to share their memories. Keep the website dark but have light for the people to draw near. The goal is to keep the website simple, the website is the people and their stories. Allow them to feel secure and happy.

The target audience of this website is the percentage of people who have Alzheimer’s disease and the people who are spreading awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.

The website personality is caring, open, close, dreamy and warm.

Personality image

Mo’ne Davis is who this website would be if it were a person, because it has a youthfulness too it and a sense of resilience.

Website Traits

  1. Welcoming
  2. Unity
  3. Uplifting
  4. Close-knit
  5. young


If the website could speak it would speak calmly, and in a warm caring motherly tone because mothers are often associated with words such as warmth, openness, willingness, loving, home, comfort and support.

Visual Lexicon

Dark, night light like, dream-like, inviting.

Engagement Methods

The emotional engagement methods are making the people’s memories the lights because there is light in the people’s memories.

Case Study Analysis and Critique

The strength of the website is that it is immediately engaging and gives two sentences for its purpose right away. Then it gets better and you see light and you want to draw near the light and see what’s going on. The weakness would be the navigation.