Why travel with mappingmegan.com

as you open the mappingmegan.com website it is a travelers dream, there is a world map who acts like a destination map where you can click on countries and state and found information about that particular city or state. Mappingmegan.com found a way to incorporate simplicity and traveling, the site provides information on a certain place with a star rating, if you don’t have an idea of where to go click on something and see what mappingmegan.com has to say about it, or you can filter by star ratings, from adventures to, travel videos, personal journals and tourist attractions.

If you click on destination it provides a n aura of information such as picture and a brief description of the picture. she provides a list of other awesome travelers blogs that you can utilized for more information, list of equipments that you might want to purchase to make your journey that more satisfying. she also have advice on how to save money, that old age question that everyone ask when they want to travel but can’t figure out how to do in this horrible economy.
She also provide her “our country countdown” to show readers where she’s been and where she would like to go, she has her “ travel bucket list”, the site is easy to navigate when compared to other travel site out there that are not well organized too much information, that just drives you crazy.


What do they use:

HTML 5, CSS, Java Script

Meesuka Morelus

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