“we seek nothing but to be a sources of inspiration, revealing your true ambitions” – blacknegative


The website is created to represent inspirational web design. Its base is in Paris, France. All slides contain messages from the designers. Interaction and visual are designed based exclusively on HTML5 and CSS as a replacement for the old, out of date flash. Each slide is actually a new page however, all the html share the same CSS style sheet. Interestingly, to change between pages, users slide the page left-right instead of clicking. When users first access to the main page, the whole website loaded- even if you are offline, the slide still show up- except video which are flash and link. Menu is hidden down at the end of the web page. Even though I think web design is moving forward to more interactive ways to go around the website, navigation is still important to web design. The CSS style sheet is complex looking, pretty dense.

I think the design is intended to be compatible to touch device. It is really interesting to have visual interaction under your fingertips.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say Blacknegative targets people that are interesting in web designing.

5 thoughts on ““we seek nothing but to be a sources of inspiration, revealing your true ambitions” – blacknegative”

  1. I think this a cool interactive way of showing off CSS and HTML. As we’ve seen with CSS Zen Garden, there are a lot of possibilities. Blacknegative seems like a more modern way of showing off these designs. With the slide scroll it is obvious this site was made mainly for touch screen devices. The coding is fairly short and uses Javascript.

  2. I have to admit when I first look at the site I am very confused at to what it’s purpose is. The images are aesthetically pleasing and draw me in but then I do not really know what to do after looking through the different pages… I guess it is just a showcase of work (well composed, attractive pieces). I just wish I knew right off the bat when I got to the page what I was looking at. I just feels to me like it is a little too much to handle. I tried the menu bar to see if I could better orient myself on the site but that only further confused me as to where I was, what my options were, and what I was looking at. Maybe this site is not for your average computer user…
    I also wish I could interact with this on a touch pad, but I notice the mouse changes on the computer in order to allow you to scroll through the pages similar to a touch pad- I wonder how they did that (create a website that when you access it, your computer mouse changes)?

    1. I believe the website is focusing more on developing interactive feature with the newest trend of touchpad which is laptop and tablet combined. However, I have tried using my Nexus 7 to access and even though the website didn’t interact as smooth as on computer, it mostly does function the same.
      I guess I could have been more specific when I wrote “The website is created to represent inspirational web design.” Similar to some other cool webpage that other classmate present, the webpage is purely for webdesign purpose.

  3. I really enjoy the way that you interact with the website, however I have to agree with Whitney in the fact that I’m still still not really sure what the website is for. While it is created to work on computers and it also appears to be designed for tablets, I think the site could use some improvement on how it introduces its topic.

    1. I do feel that the introduction does sort of confusing for viewers who access the website without specific purpose. If you look closely to “what is blacknegative”, the “stories” stated “we are directors, motion designers, photographers, web designers, developer, sound designers and we give your nothing less than the most beautiful ways to tell your story” which sort of gives away the purpose of creating the website. In my opinion, since the creators of this website named it “blacknegative”, they would express the contents a little bit mysterious in order to keep people scrolling and reading.

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