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Unurth | Street Art is a website that acts as a graffiti and street art database. It’s a very minimalistic design, focusing mainly on the photographs of the art. The white background aids in creating a focal point of each picture. They all stand out because of it. It reflects a gallery-like set up which are almost always simplistic and minimal.

The HTML type is XHTML 1.0. They also use a template program, Cargo, which offers a design service to certain website. Javascript is used by Cargo for text script.

Their main stylesheet is simply named “user_stylesheet”. They use this for the little text they have such as “Comments” and “Index” tabs.

The purpose of this site is meant to bring life to graffiti that can otherwise only be seen live. With it’s simplistic design it is simply showing the graffiti. Art enthusiasts and graffiti artists would look at this site to get ideas and simply look at what type of graffiti art is popular. I believe the creator of this website executed exactly what they wanted to do, which was to show off graffiti art.

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  1. I think street art is something that needs to be celebrated more. I understand the argument between street artist vs. vandalism but when done correctly street art is unexplainable awe inspiring. I like that a website such as Unurth exists because it brings exposure to art that would only be seen by traveling down those roads. I like the minimalist design, the art has enough to say for itself, but I do think that there could be an improvement in navigation. The navigation is limited to the most current feeds and most popular artists. I did play around with the search a little bit but I wonder if there couldn’t be some improvements to the navigation as far as maybe dated work, history of street art, and more focus on location. This website uses XHTML 1.0 and is run by Cargo a design service as Sean mentioned. The interesting thing about Cargo is that is by design only which is a unique business model.

  2. A very clean, simple design that allows all attention to be focused on the artwork. I enjoyed almost every image that I saw while browsing through the website. Towards the right side of the webpage sits a toolbar available for index. Easy to scroll throughout the webpage.

  3. I LOVE street art thus I really enjoy this site.
    It seems to be part of a trend of websites that act like giant bulletin boards (craftgawker, pinterest, etc. act similarly). I think these types of sites are successful in that they really only focus on the photo to draw someone in and the user is able to look at many different pictures one after another without much effort. Having nothing much else but the photos posted in quite a large size, it really emphasizes the art which I appreciate.
    As people have been mentioning it uses Cargo (which serves as the designers of the site) and overall I really like the overall work of Cargo. I was even looking into Cargo to serve as a portfolio site for my own work- unfortunately you have to APPLY to get an account… bummer. For site ideas/work that really stands out and is well crafted, Cargo seems like a viable option though.

    1. This website was very clean, functional, and minimalist- everything that a good art-hosting site should be! I think the art speaks for itself, and it’s good to see that being celebrated rather than someone showing off their web design skills to make a tacky site.

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