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I chose facebook as my cool website. It uses HTML 5 and I saw a lot of in the code early on. Although facebook is not literally the coolest website that I could find, it is hands down the most complex form of site that I know of. Facebook is the most popular social “utility” that the internet has to offer. Thousands or millions of people are members whom each own and personalize their page. I don’t understand how it works!
Facebook is always changing its layout and slowly becoming more and more aesthetically pleasing. For example, we recently were given the option of having a cover photo over your profile picture and then again two or so days ago, everyone’s profile layout changed: the pictures and friends are on the left and your name is in bold, white font with a black outline. Personally, I find some of the only difficulties of facebook to be when the layout changes so much that you have to relearn how to navigate around your page.

2 thoughts on “cool websites: facebook”

  1. Since we are so wrapped up in technology, internet, and media – I think that sites allowing a user to manipulate something in their own way (such as making your own facebook page) is a very successful realm of the internet. Also given users a template that they can adjust or add to is helpful for those of us who are not as tech savvy to create our own websites ourselves. Although facebook allows some user manipulation, the template is very straightforward and uniform for all facebook profiles, and I wish you could manipulate them more but I guess that is what sites like JUX and WordPress are for. I also think facebook is more successful at the service (connecting people, sharing information, etc.) it provides than the actual design and aesthetics of the site.

  2. Facebook has taken the world by storm and has been very successful in its utilitarian, minimalist design. It is used by millions of users and must be easy to understand and comprehensive. It does a good job at this since it is quite straightforward.

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