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Captains of Industry is my dad’s creative content marketing company in Boston. Their website is not completely finished (a lot of the graphics have noticeable compression artifacts) but to my knowledge the coding is done.

The website has a very strong design based on color and shape. The colors are bright enough to create a fun and energetic feel, but not so bright that they become “childish”. The rounded square motif ties the entire website together and represents a large part of what the company does: digital design. The overall result is a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly relevant to the company.
The website is meant to be viewed on an iPad so it is very interactive; there are a lot of visually stimulating moving parts. The code is written in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

5 thoughts on “Captains of Industry”

  1. Captain of Industry’s website is plan old fun to look at. The grid of large pixel looking squares combined with the changing photo background is a creative and fresh way of making the visual aspect of a website work. The with easy navigation, this website is accessible to anyone.

  2. This website uses HTML5 although down in the text at line 17 it says . Does this mean a portion of the code is using XHTML? I really like the grid layout and the transition between each of the scrolling shots. I think the alien icon for surprise is a little out there but I guess it’s something I wouldn’t expect when looking at the design so SURPRISE. I also think the video is a great little touch and does a great job of showing the company personalities. Much like Russel’s Mischief Brew page I like how the icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc. are incorporated into the design instead of just pasted to the page. I find on websites that use the icons as is often loose focus to more important content on the page due to the familiarity of seeing these icons.

  3. I love this site, especially since you really get a feel for the company. It not only introduces the company, but also gives you a peek at the working environment. Showing it to be a very comfortable and happy looking place to work.

  4. This site really showcases the company’s mission: innovation and ideas. The pixilated animation is fun to look at , but also harks back to their design structure and company ideals. They also seem like a cool group of people to work for!

  5. I like how the website has a kind of half comic animation half old movies style (sorry for my bad English). I also enjoy how the designer(s) has a sense of humor with the mad science thing.
    However, I feel like the designer can do a little more touch up with the shadow and sharpness of the words. The menu can also has more background rollover effect because other contents have very nice interactive feature the menu seems a little bit unrelated.

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