Bam’s Cool Website

This website was cool to me because it was very informational. not only was it just to advertise their product but it also was to help people out with possible future jobs at Adidas. As you scrolled through the site it showed how they created the shoes step by step, they had videos of people explaining their experiences of working at the Adidas factory, and also showed all the fabrics they use to make their shoes. All together i enjoyed being on the site because it could be useful to people and also the navigation style was cool to me.

2 thoughts on “Bam’s Cool Website”

  1. I really enjoy the fact that the website is beautifully set up. However, what I most enjoy is the fact that adidas is giving their buyers the ability to really understand where and how their shoes are being created. It makes the process of buying shoes a lot more interactive.

  2. I really like the fact that apart from the videos, other interactive features of the website are HTML and CSS based and not using Flash. I also enjoy how the designers built the whole website on one single HTML and created abundant of link to each section of the HTML. The fluidity of the page draw the readers to follow a story instead of cutting the information in pieces and make the visitors randomly reading from different html.
    However, for some reason a part of the “all in” section seems hidden to me. The frames of the last three video were cut by the next section on my laptop screen. Either the website does not supporting the my laptop’s resolution or there are errors in the designing, i don’t know, but it’s worth mentioned since my laptop screen is kind of a standard laptop screen that many buyers have.

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