Moodstream™ by Getty Images

Moodstream™ by Getty Images Website


This is a flash-driven stream of music and images based on user input. The website was put up on the web in June of 2008 and uses xhtml 1.0. The css style sheet is incorporated into the HTML code source. It also utilizes javascript in its coding.

The image stream can be catered to the user’s preferences of speed, duration, transition, and content. Using unobtrusive, collapsable sidebars, the user can a mood that is more humorous or serious, calm or lively, nostalgic or contemporary, warm or cool. This forms a very visually pleasing and useful navigation structure. This is a fantastic website for getting creative juices flowing and could be recommended to the visually-inclined and the curious.

The horizontal lines through video and images represent a compression of file size but also add a consistent theme throughout the user’s experience.

Getty Images is the world’s largest stock imagery company. The website draws from its audio, video, and photo archives to create a creative and adaptive service to its users.

If the user likes a particular piece of music or image, they can add it to their “moodboard” and even purchase it from Getty Images’ library.