“Miniature trip-hop orchestra of French hipster clones” – Incredibox


Incredibox is an website that allows you to create your own hip-hop a capella group of French hipsters. This is a site primarily for entertaining and for procrastinating doing work (at least that’s what I use it for). Some functions this site has include being able to make your own beat, record, download, and share your audio, and listen to some of the other beats people have made. There are also three “levels” or goals to achieve with your group of French hipsters, I have only achieved the first two and am still trying to figure out the third.

This website uses HTML 5 because in the page source it is simply tagged as <!DOCTYPE html>. It also uses Javascript and Flash player. I believe it was created or is hosted by So Far So Good, however, their website is in a different language but they are attributed to in the content as well as in the footer of the webpage. The stylesheet for this website is “../css/site.css” and “../css/bouton.css” which includes the code for the CSS.

This website targets the music composer, the music listener, and the board college student taking a break from studying for statistics. There isn’t much about the website that is complex as far as using it and it is solely an site for entertainment. I enjoy the simplicity in characters and how they are designed. I also enjoy the “levels” you can reach and the little bonus videos achieving each level has to offer. And I think a small detail that could be overlooked is that when you go to place a beat on a character his eyes follow your cursor; just a small detail that makes this website a fun and entertaining website to use.