“we seek nothing but to be a sources of inspiration, revealing your true ambitions” – blacknegative


The website is created to represent inspirational web design. Its base is in Paris, France. All slides contain messages from the designers. Interaction and visual are designed based exclusively on HTML5 and CSS as a replacement for the old, out of date flash. Each slide is actually a new page however, all the html share the same CSS style sheet. Interestingly, to change between pages, users slide the page left-right instead of clicking. When users first access to the main page, the whole website loaded- even if you are offline, the slide still show up- except video which are flash and link. Menu is hidden down at the end of the web page. Even though I think web design is moving forward to more interactive ways to go around the website, navigation is still important to web design. The CSS style sheet is complex looking, pretty dense.

I think the design is intended to be compatible to touch device. It is really interesting to have visual interaction under your fingertips.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say Blacknegative targets people that are interesting in web designing.