Ruddy Roye Photography

Overview is home to the work of Brooklyn based documentary photographer, Radcliffe “Ruddy” Roye. Roye focuses his work on editorial and environmental portraits as well as photo-journalism photography.


    This website shares the work done by Roye which aims to “subtly awake the subconscious and expose the isolated figure or vision painted within a rhetorical frame”. This website focuses on sharing the work of Ruddy Roye, sharing other forms of media Ruddy uses to share his work, and contact information for bookings or correspondence instead of another photographer in Roye’s field because Roye’s work has a touch that makes his photos unique.
    Roye’s work is done around the United States, so visitors from all around could find this site appealing. Most of his work is gritty, urban focused photography so that could draw that audience. I feel that this site’s personality is heavily focused on the work. The site doesn’t present any flashy navigation or animations because I feel that it would take away from the focus of the photography.

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    One critique I have of the site is that the photos can not be enlarged for closer viewing. They are fixed to their size in whatever gallery they are presented in. Although another positive of the site is the contact information, and links to other media sites Roye utilizes are easy to locate. Overall, its focused to be presented professionally, working well with the serious subject matter of Roye’s work. The simplicity of the layout, features, and navigation of the site all come back to the main focus of the website, the photography.
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